September 2015 Minutes

FarmHouse Association Meeting 9/8/15   

Conference call attendees: Matt, Eric, Ben, Jeff, Jared (left early), Chet?


  • Newsletter done, will be published soon
  • Disposal Ok’ed, fork was jammed
  • Looking into new rental company for Annex
  • Need finances from Jeff


  • no pledges from Rush, but gained one afterwards. Possibly more


  • House will pay Association $5940/month (110%)
  • 25 live ins $855 rent for 8 months
  • Academic scholarship: $810 >3.0, $765 >3.25, $695 >3.5, $655 >4.0 GPA


  • WSU FH association to move to Chase Bank
  • Will be temporary Acting Secretary in order to manage the opening of the WSU   FarmHouse Association account at Chase Bank

(This weekend we will need to update the meeting minutes to reflect the new officers.)


  • FH chapter improvement priority list
  • Replace kitchen floor tile
  • New mattresses
  • Insulating attic
  • Painting annex

Mom’s Club Role Discussion

Haus & Ben

  • Not bricks and mortar projects. Student comfort and care = great. What you would normally send your kid to college with items


  • all help is ok

Consensus on not doing structural projects. Matt will draft a letter to define the role of Mom’s club

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