Alumni News

Alumni News:
Hendrick “Hank” Husby ’54 and his wife, Joan, have lived for the past year in Warm Beach Mobile Manor, a retirement community in Stanwood, Wash. They have met many new and interesting people and enjoy hearing their stories. “Joan continues to write and mentor younger writers and I am CEO of the honey-do and kitchen patrol department.”

Ron M. DeMuynck ’55 lives in Arlington, Wash., with his wife, Carolyn. He proudly celebrated the 60th anniversary of his FarmHouse initiation at Founders Day.

Ray A. Landes ’55 was an educator for 35 years. He now farms in Lewis County on 250 acres of Christmas trees. He and his wife, Betty, live in Cinebar, Wash.

John Reitmeier ’56 was the first freshman pledge to become a member of the Pullman FarmHouse fraternity. He is retired and spends time fishing on the Columbia River. He and his wife, Dixie, have been married for 37 years and have three grandchildren. He recalls that a number of his FarmHouse brothers came to their wedding! E-mail:

Frederic A. Blauert
’57 retired from teaching in 1994. He now farms, producing lamb, wool, and raising alfalfa hay. He has been active in the local, state, and national sheep industry organizations and the Adama County and the Washington State Farm Bureau board of directors. E‑mail:

Almer D. Zander ’58 had his own watershed service business in the ’90s and has a small farm with several apple trees. Almer is interested in agriculture scholarships for his children’s schooling for university and technical studies in agriculture. He and his family have traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Korea. He lives in Bellingham, Wash. E-mail:

Larry J. Zehm ’58 has had a full and rewarding career in the USDA for 30 years, along with 30 years in the Navy Reserve, flying all over the world. He now keeps his hands busy in farming and foresting and does volunteer work with wildlife groups. Larry follows his 10 grandkids in their school adventures and sports. “I do everything I use to, just at a slower pace,” he says. Larry resides in Spangle, Wash. E-mail: zehm‑

Jon Hatt ’59 shares that his granddaughter is a third-generation WSU student. He and his wife, Sally, reside on the family acreage in Moses Lake, Wash., where they raised three children.

Karl E. Felgenhauer ’60 moved to Spokane in 2014. He has been active in re‑opening a senior citizen care center, Fairfield Care. Karl hopes to return jobs, senior housing, and health care to rural southern Spokane county. E‑mail:

Jim Capponi ’61 is retired a Colonel from the U.S. Army, where he had 30 years of service in both active duty and reserve. He is also retired from an executive position in Wholesale Building Materials Co. Jim lives in Yakima, Wash., with his wife Doreen.

Michael E. Howell ’61 is customizing a ’57 Chevy four-door hard top. Once he’s done, she’ll be the car he wanted as a high school senior (if he had the time and money). Mike and his wife, Linda, live in Walla Walla, Wash. E-mail:

Richard A. Hunter ’62 retired from 30 years of teaching high school. He fills up his time sailing, taking foreign language courses, spending time with grandchildren, and traveling. Richard resides in Everett, Wash. E‑mail:

Dan N. Hensley ’63 keeps busy by working as a substitute teacher and a ski patroller. He resides in Spokane, Wash. E‑mail:

James S. Williams ’65 lives with his wife, Shirley, in Goldendale, Wash. Jim has been retired from the Washington State Partol for 33 years and is now running a small hay farm.

Raymond D. William ’67 is a professor at Oregon State University, teaching horticulture. Ray also spends his time volunteering with tree and agricultural development and education projects for Corvallis‑Gander (Ethiopia) Sister Cities. He repairs furniture for Furniture Share, stocks books for Friends of the Library, and is a trustee at Congregational United Church of Christ. Having already lived in Srilanka, Brazil, Tawain, Flordia, and Malawi, Ray and his wife, Nancy, currently live in Corvallis, Ore. E‑mail:

Richard L. Nilles ’68 is enjoying a life full of golf, travel, grandkids, and rental properties. Rich and his wife, Myrah, currently live in Newberg, Ore. E‑mail:

Douglas A. O’Donnell, D.V.M. ’68 retired from veterinary medicine in 2001. Since then, he has been keeping busy as a flight instructor at Bremerton National Airport. He and his wife, Michelle, have two children and one grandson. They reside in Bremerton, Wash. E‑mail:

Peter G. Doumit ’69 is fully retired after 45 years in teaching and coaching; he taught Pre-K through college levels and coached tee ball and little dribblers basketball through college athletics. In June 2017, he finished his second stint as the head baseball coach at Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, Wash. Peter and his wife, Faith, are active members of their church and enjoy spending time with their 14 grandchildren in Utah and Washington. E-mail:

Robert W. Ball ’70 retired in 2013 after 35 years in transportation and logistics sales for Emery Worldwide and UPS. Now Robert is the boys and girls golf couch at Ridgefield High School. He also does some consulting work in transportation. Robert and his wife, Nanette, live in Camas, Wash. E-mail:

Michael P. Schrag ’70 is a city council member of 10 years, a member of the Adams County Economic Development Council, a member of the Washington Wheat Foundation Board, and of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers. He is still a farmer west of Ritzville, Wash., where he resides. E‑mail:

Thomas Keck ’76 has been a practicing veterinarian for 34 years at Dallas Animal Clinic in Rickeall, Ore. He and his wife, Margaret, have been married for 37 years, and have four children. They live on a 95-acre grass seed and goat farm north of Rickreall. E-mail:

John Orange ’77 moved to eastern Washington in 2015, and is approaching 22 years with Cargill as a dairy consultant. He and his wife, Marian, have been married for 37 years, have four children, 11 grandchildren, and are now in the process of building their dream home in Zillah, Wash. E-mail:

Robert S. Selfridge ’77 has been married to his wife, Helen, for 28 years and lives in Diamond Bar, Calif. Robert, Helen, and their children, Michael, Susan, and Andrew, recently celebrated Susan’s graduation from college. E‑mail:

Robert D. Kerwin ’80 retired from the Washington State Patrol after working as an officer for over 29 years. He is beginning a new career in the state government. Robert resides in Spokane, Wash. E‑mail:

Doug M. Sinnott ’82 is still a big fan of classic cars and has turned that love into a hobby. Doug currently lives in Seattle, Wash. E‑mail:

Patrick M. Stevens ’89 raises vegetable seed crops on an irrigated farm. He is a member of the Columbia Basin Rodeo Association, has been the director of religious education for his church, and enjoys watching his kids play football and basketball. Pat’s oldest daughter is a student at Gonzaga, which has been a fun, new adventure. His wife, Tammy, is a busy mom and a kindergarten teacher. E‑mail:

Robert J. Mensonides ’94 is a nutritionist for the WSU dairy farm near Moses Lake, Wash., where he and his family live. E‑mail:

Marc Hildesheim ’02 purchased a new home and moved to Rathdrum, Idaho, with his wife, Stephanie, and their three children. He is working on a national program with the BLM to create plans for improving and enhancing off-highway vehicle (OHV) experiences on public land. He teaches OHV trail and management workshops for the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) across the United States and Canada.

Douwe C. Dykstra ’06 has spent the past two years fixing up a farm property he recently acquired and welcomed his first child with his wife, Ashley, in March. Douwe and his family reside in Burlington, Wash. E‑mail:

Jeffrey A. Hilton ’06 is the treasurer of the WSU FarmHouse alumni association and is involved at the Woodland Kalama Masonic Lodge with brothers Jared Beck ’08 and Kyle Bangs ’10. Jeff also works for Coca‑Cola in sales as the market development manager for Southwest Washington. Jeff currently resides in Vancouver, Wash. E‑mail:

Jared M. Beck ’08 has worked as an event foreman, customer service representative, and a product specialist for Ford and Tesla Motors. He is beginning a career with the Oregon State Police as a patrol officer for the Portland station. After his training, he plans to return as president of the WSU FarmHouse alumni association as well the advisor to the chapter. Jared currently lives in Vancouver, Wash. E‑mail:

Matthew O’Callaghan ’08 is proud to be serving on the FH WSU association board. He and his wife, Erika, recently purchased their first home. They reside in Tulatin, Ore. E‑mail:

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