Alumni Board

Dave Soler ’03
(360) 410-0239

Vice President
Tyler Sabin
(425) 999-2904

Brian Tisch ’98
(360) 303-8831

Jeremy Vandervegt
(509) 570-4191

Board Members at Large
Eric Hausken ’98
(509) 318-0131

Jon Meier ’12
(509) 200-1413

Lars Hanson ’15
(206) 403-8649


September Meeting Minutes:

FarmHouse Association Meeting 9/8/15   

Conference call attendees: Matt, Eric, Ben, Jeff, Jared (left early), Chet?



  • Newsletter done, will be published soon
  • Disposal Ok’ed, fork was jammed
  • Looking into new rental company for Annex
  • Need finances from Jeff



  • no pledges from Rush, but gained one afterwards. Possibly more



  • House will pay Association $5940/month (110%)
  • 25 live ins $855 rent for 8 months
  • Academic scholarship: $810 >3.0, $765 >3.25, $695 >3.5, $655 >4.0 GPA



  • WSU FH association to move to Chase Bank
  • Will be temporary Acting Secretary in order to manage the opening of the WSU   FarmHouse Association account at Chase Bank


(This weekend we will need to update the meeting minutes to reflect the new officers.)



  • FH chapter improvement priority list
  • Replace kitchen floor tile
  • New mattresses
  • Insulating attic
  • Painting annex


Mom’s Club Role Discussion

Haus & Ben

  • Not bricks and mortar projects. Student comfort and care = great. What you would normally send your kid to college with items


  • all help is ok

Consensus on not doing structural projects. Matt will draft a letter to define the role of Mom’s club.


October Meeting Minutes:

FH Association Meeting 10-17-15

Call to order.

Recital of object.


Welcome and invocation – Jared Beck


Association President”s report- Jared Beck

  • Overview of Pennigton Co. and what they are doing for us-getting letters, emails, and some positive feedback from this investment.
  • Conclave next summer in Denver. We would like to get as many people as possible to attend. Early Aug 3-7. Contact a board member for more information if you are interested in attending,
  • Association goals. – Financial training and auditing for the house to make sure that the chapter is moving forward in the right direction. If you have any alumni who could help please contact a board member.
  • Still need a faculty advisor
  • We are focusing on FFA for recruitment.
  • We are trying to set up regional events for the house to encourage more gatherings and alumni involvement. If you have an idea bring it up and get it going.
  • Possibly switching property management companies for the annex.
  • Spring association meeting may be in the Tri-cities or another location as a means of increasing the spring meeting attendance.


Association Treasurer’s report- Jeff H

  • We have changed our name to WSU Farmhouse Association and have moved our accounts to Chase.
  • Checking balance $8930.38 27002.66- savings. $71049.61-annex $66945.03-loan balance for annex.
  • Thank you for the founder’s day donations.


Chapter President’s report- Ben M.

  • 2nd in grades last semester. 3.17 GPA
  • 8 new members this summer
  • Raised $1300 during FH cookout.
  • Justin Crowely from Intl. came for a consultation this fall-gave recruitment advice. Working on Chapter award for excellence improvements.
  • Goals for the chapter- increase recruitment- stay close to 40 members,- 25 livins, 10 liveouts.   Increase campus involvement. Looking for faculty advisor. Improve chapter financial status.

Chapter treasury report- Connor O.

  • Set up a higher payment to the association to catch payments up.
  • Handed out budget.
  • Had some high maintenance expenses this fall but overall status is improving.

Foundation report-Mark Rose

  • Overview of what the foundation does.
  • Chapter foundation fund Endowment -$73173.99 with $16000 available to spend. Unrestricted fund $1400. Total available to spend is around $17,000. These funds are intended to be spent on educational purposes and certain leadership events.
  • Would like to set up a senior scholarship fund.

Old Business-None

New Business-

  • Rob Matthews moved and it was seconded to set up a senior scholarship fund. Voted on and approved.
  • Ian Ducy moved asking permission to hang some fabricated letters (FH) on the front of the house to improve the look and aesthetics of the house. Seconded.- Discussion. Stager the letters. Old letters will be auctioned. Voted.-passes.- pending proper installation
  • Dave VanEaton will donate a day of electrical work if it is needed- to be discussed after the meeting.
  • Rob Matthews. Awards needs to be updated every time they are presented to members. Eric Hausken added that the awards and the house belong to the entire membership, not just the active members- keep the house, the pledge paddles, composites as such.
  • Jared Beck- the kitchen floor is going to be addressed. The kitchen stove and oven are going to be worked on and probably will get the convection oven wired in to help with cooking.
  • Attic insulation will be put off for now. Active members think this is towards the top of the priority list- a small addition of insulation would help. Rob Matthews- if code has changed the association will address it. If the current insulation is adequate this would be a good pledge project. Other discussions. Mom’s club is not allowed to have contractors inspecting the house. Jared Beck- if something is wrong please let the board know.



Board member at large. John Mier- nominated himself and was approved.

Treasurer. Brian Tisch nominated by Eric Hausken. Accepted.

Rob Matthews pointed out the continuing communication between active members and the association is very important the long term success of the house. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are available by email or phone anytime, no matter how busy life gets.

Brian Tisch was on the intl. site looking over the missing member lists. We should get on that site and help get it updated.

Adjourned 9:56 am

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